Lucent Recovery and Wellness is a clinician owned facility driven by a sincere passion for quality mental health treatment. We believe that each of our clients has a unique set of needs and have gone to great lengths to craft an individualized approach to outpatient treatment as a result.


At Lucent our mission is to help clients successfully navigate their struggles with mental health and establish a path to long term wellness. Our hope is that each of our clients has the opportunity to address the root of their core issues and lay the foundation for a meaningful and exciting life.


  • “The folks at Lucent are the best people you'll ever meet. I've had the privilege of working with most of them over the past few years and can't recommend their services highly enough. The clients they work with not only learn how to be healthy but also how to really enjoy life. Their program is unique, clinically advanced, and a lot of fun. Check them out.”
    Leila Anderson
  • "Lucent Recovery and Wellness is a great resource for young adults in the Austin community. Their work is creative and meets the needs of clients in a way that no other program does.”
    Elizabeth Rolfe, LPC-S, ATR, LCDC. Clinical Director Alpha 180
  • “It was truly amazing to see the transformation of my son and I have no doubt that it was a direct result of the coaching and support that the staff at Lucent provided"
    Client Family
  • “The team at Lucent helped me not only stay sober, but live my life to the fullest."
    Former Client